Bukedde TV presenter Flavia Namulindwa is pregnant

According to the liable sources, outstanding Bukedde TV presenter ‘Mary Flavia Namulindwa‘ is allegedly pregenant after a deadly abortion some few months back. It should be remembered some months back, the ‘Oluyimba lwo‘ program presenter nearly lost her last breathe after aborting at Kardic hospital whose pregnancy was undisclosed up to date. Our snoops have […]

Confession that pins Mathew Kanyamunyu on Kenneth Akena’s Murder

According to Julius Galisonga a Kampala Lawyer, a “dying declaration” a statement made by a person who’s death is eminent. is an exception to the hearsay rule. Despite his continuous claims that he was just a good samaritan who took a dying man to the hospital,this dying declaration is what appears to pin Matthew Kanyamunyu […]

Crazy Stuff You See At the Gym

Your plastic heels may help you look great, but do you really think this is safe?