Eddy Kenzo kiks his manager for leaking his secrets of impregnating Eve Pomin

 It sounds unprofessional but true, over the weekend musician Eddy Kenzo was pressurized by the bae to speak out about the allegations of impregnating a dancer Eve Pomin. Kenzo was frustrated about how the wife Rema Namakula got all this information and after he recalled the people that he has been discussing his secrets with. […]

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Media Council warns hello Uganda, a Red Pepper publication over Game shooting report

With the country still baffled by the gunning down of Makmot Akena on Sunday morning, the Media Council has warned Hello Uganda, a Red Pepper publication, over its reporting of the incident. Monday’s edition of Hello Uganda run under the screaming headline: MUNYAKOLE TYCOON SHOOTS ACHOLI GUY TO IMPRESS BABE. The cover was further spruced with photos of Matthew Kanyamunyu, Makamot Akena and Cynthia Muwangari. The headline irked the Media Council, prompting Paulo Ekonyu to pen a warning letter to Hello […]

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Desire Luzinda`s Facebook account hacked again

Whoever cursed or bewitched singer Desire Luzinda should forgive her for the sake of her brand otherwise things are worsening on her day by day. New reaching imbaraga Radio indicates that singer Desire Luzinda`s Facebook account has been hacked again and some of her secrets have leaked and not only that but the hackers are […]

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