Maama Fiina to spiritually deal with assailants of her hubby in case the government fails

Widow to the Late Sheikh Maj Kiggundu Muhammad who was gunned down on Saturday morning in Masanafu town by four unidentified assailants Sophie Namutebi aka ‘Maama Fiina‘ has promised to spiritually deal with these criminals to death in case government fails. The head of Uganda spiritual Doctors Association (Maama Fiina) together with family and friends […]

Kasese killings taking Uganda at storm

 The Western Uganda (Kasese) killings by unidentified group of rebels and the royal guards of the Rwenzururu Kingdom has extremely terrorized the government in power. All Government Armed forces and battalions have been moved into the Rwenzori ranges to keep peace but still high rates of deaths of both security and natives are often registered […]

Check out this list of 15 types of bad girlfriends you must avoid or will make your life hell, and make sure you avoid them!

Bad girlfriends don’t just suck, they give relationships a bad name. Check out this list of 15 types of bad girlfriends, and make sure you avoid them! A great girlfriend can make your life feel like a walk in the clouds. On the other hand, a bad girlfriend will surely make your life feel like […]

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