“Men Love My Big Bu’m Bu’m” – Says Woman With The World’s Biggest Bu’m-Bu’m

She admits she has a few practical problems doing every day tasks, including fitting herself through doorways at home and buckling her seatbelt. Bootylicious Sarah Massey claims to have one the world’s biggest butts – measuring a whopping 7ft wide. The mum-of-two, from Chicago in America, wears size 10XL trousers and once even cracked a […]

Weasle Manizol single again after being dumped by Samira

The news reaching imbaraga Radio desks reveals that singer Douglas Mayanja aka Weasle Manizol is single again after being dumped by his girlfriend Samira. Apparently, the reason as to why the wiggle wiggle hit maker was dumped by his wife is not yet revealed though other sources reveals that he has spending nights with singer […]

Former gagamel singer Denzo beat security guards at Mwana Gwe concert

The current news reaching imbaraga Radio reveals that singer Bad man Denzo Omukambwe beat up security guards at Mwana gwe Concert at Freedom city after being denied entrance. The fight began after exchanging bitter words between the camp and the singer ended up kicking security guards By Ntambi Jimsal

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