Just how well do you know the people who surround your child on a daily basis? Well, its high time you as a parent paid more attention to your child as a warring trend of women are luring young girls into pr0stituti0n. These particular women operating the business from the least likely location, the seminary. […]

Why Gravity Omutujju divorced his wife

Why Gravity Omutujju divorced his wife

Ugandan top Rapper Gravity Omutujju has finally divorced his wife over the weekend without giving a clear reason to the place. According to the closed friends, the couple has been fighting almost everyday after Sharon (Gravity`s girl friend) realising that her husband has been cheating on her with different city babes and it is rumored […]

Teacher Mpamire officially met in-laws

Prolific Ugandan comedian Herbert segujja famously known by his stage ‘Teacher Mpamire‘ was finally introduced by longtime lover princess Barekye Caroline over the weekend. teacher mpamire s marriage ceremony that came as a surprise to the as he jokingly like how he could carry on his hoax but it seemed as a reality when he […]

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