Eddy Kenzo at loggerheads with journalist James Propa

According to respected sources, Singer ‘Eddy Kenzo’ has declared a war against famous Ugandan music analyst / journalist Kalisa James aka ‘James Propa JP.’ It has been revealed that the two have been beefing since from 2012 but their beef has grown reaching an extent of abusing each other on social media. Recently after the […]

Over 50 Nude Photos Of A Ugandan Lady Leak

We were shocked to land on a folder of over 50 nude photos taken by a one Ahmed Zaitun. Sources reveal that Ahmed Zaitun has been disturbing her friend’s husband and was once caught red handed with him in bed. Even after that, Zaitun kept on sending nudes to the man. Irritated by all this, […]

MC Kats reportedly blocks Fille from accessing all her social media accounts

 After their split, Ugandan female diva ‘Fille’ has been blocked from accessing all her social media accounts by hubby ‘MC Kats.’ Apparently, Fillie’s Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and Email are under Kats`s control which means that all the posts posted via her accounts after having the fight are being made by Kats. Fillie has openly […]

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