TNS first Lady sheebah karungi has refuted the claims that were all over the media that she was once in a relationship with the self style MUBALA hit maker Darx Kartel. In an interview with imbaraga radio Sheebah told our reporter that Darx Kartel only pleaded to her to help her work out in his […]

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Leila Kayondo heartache persists in exile as ex-lover SK Mbuga weds best friend Vivian Birungi

Songestress ‘Leila Kayondo’ is among the top women globally who are facing the toughest and worst moments of life¬† nearly sparking the fastest suicide as ex-lover ‘SK Mbuga’ weded her former best friend ‘Birungi Vivian Angella‘ in a memorable ceremony. After deciding to exile her self earlier last week to Boston-Massachusetts in Woburn town in […]

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Sheilah Gashumba cried out for Africell bundles

Famous Kampala city Tycoon Frank Gashumba’s daughter ‘Sheilah Gashumba’ exposed her hurt by Africell mobile Telecom company of cheating her internet bundles that she always subscribes for. See her recent saga complain on Twitter earlier this week. ¬† 5 total views, no views today

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