Why Rema Namakula cannot record a song with American star Trey songs

During the course of this week, many tabloids circulated information that Ugandan super Diva ‘Rema Namakula’ is set to record a song with American star ‘Trey songs’ but the fact is that this was absolutely disgusting whereby we checked on the RnB star`s website but there was no any information posted concerning about this issue […]

Uganda Music industry is so boring without me, Bebecool and Bobi Wine – Dr. Jose Chameleone

One of Africa’s top music legends and East Africa’s finest ‘Dr. Jose Chameleone’ has made a shocking and challenging statement that will see artistes of the current generation disappointed in their effort so far towards the Ugandan music industry. Jose has revealed how this music industry in so boring if music veterans and legends like […]

Ziza Bafana to sign King Saha’s manager Ricky Mutebi

After firing all his management team including his longtime ‘for better for worse’ manager ‘Lubega Roger,’ now Richard Kasendwa as known as ‘Ziza Bafana’ has decided to sign King Saha’s current manager ‘Rick Mutebi.’ According to the news reaching our news room, the two have already had advanced talks regarding this issue and soon Ricky […]

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