Things You Should Never Do After S3x If You Don’t Want To Die

S3x is as natural as it gets and has to be a contender in the world greatest pleasures. There are things you shouldn’t be doing especially if you are a woman. Soaping up While you may feel the need to ‘freshen’ up after s3x — make sure you don’t use soap. Lathering up your nether-regions […]

Shameless Wife Caught on CCTV Footage Bonking the Watchman

A man in Kenya was shocked beyond words the other day when he learnt what his wife was doing behind his back when he was busy toiling for the family. In an interesting twist of events, a CCTV camera he had installed in his house to monitor the house help and her dealings with their […]

7 women burnt alive for witchcraft

At least seven people were burned alive by an angry mob in the middle of the street because they were accused of witchcraft. According to the Police in Nsanje in Malawi, an investigation into the killing of the seven innocent people have already been launched. An angry mob killed the alleged witches after they were […]

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