what happened to prophet who went to challenge LIONS in South Africa

Prophet challenges lions at the Kruger park in South Africa  A prophet has tried to challenge lions as proof that he is filled with the Holy Spirit – The test of faith ended in an emergency surgery as the prophet narrowly escaped death by a lion’s claws In trying to reenact the tale of Daniel […]

World’s Strongest Dwarf’ Finds Love With Taller Woman

The 52 year old Anton Kraft, is a world record bodybuilder, who stands at 4ft 4in and arguably the strongest man in the world, as the only man in the world who has lifted four times his own body weight. Anton is known for dating women only 1ft taller than him, but found love in […]

Pallaso celebrates Ak 47`s Birthday while mourning

While at his home in Makindye Luwafu , the Sacker free boss Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso celebrated the birthday of his late brother Emmerton Mayanja aka Akay 47 while morning. Besides being brothers, These two artistes were so closed to each other and best friends for life. Here are the words singer Pallaso used to […]

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