“After Sleeping With Our Maid, I Saw My Dad’s Pants Under Maid’s Bed, should i tell MUM about DAD’s affair with our maid?” – Son Cries

I’m a 18-year-old guy who is still doing my diploma at one of the colleges in town. A lot of my friends always talk about their s*xual encounters with their girlfriends, and that forced me to be eager to know how nice s*x is. Since I had been so close to our maid, we started […]

The evolution of Kampala Rapists

section of rapists in Kampala have come up explain how they came in to existence 1. You pass by a Nakasero, she says fruits are healthy (Actually highly recommended!) – 10,000/= 2. You pass by a Nandos, Pizza is her “best dish”; as if!!!!!!!! You swallow and spend 30,0­00/= 3. You reach at Fang Fang, she wants Chinese tea; it’s good […]

Kasese Massacre: Deadly weapons and arms recovered inside the Rwenzururu palace

According the Uganda Police in conjunction with the UPDF search of the Rwenzururu Palace held earlier today, deadly weapons and arms were Recovered pining Omusinga Mumbere Charles guilty of treason and terrorism cases. According to the Uganda Police spokes person ‘Andrew Felix Kaweesi,’ the high-court is set to hear cases above in few days time. […]

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