1. What kind of man that shoots a stranger and takes him to hosipital? 2. Did Akena and Kanyamunyu know each other? 3. Can the alleged motive fit into the murder story? 4. Could it have been another person? And who could that be? Is there evidence to prove that it’s another person other than […]

Notorious Serial goat rapist gives the most shocking confession why he rapes goats

Notorious serial goat rapist Gabrielle Simiyu was caught pants down raping a neighbor’s goat in the wee hours of Friday night, November 4. Richard Wanyonyi,who is the goat owner told our snoops that he heard strange noise coming from his animals’ shed and upon inspection he found Simiyu quenching his sexual thirst on his goat. […]

Mathew Kanyamunyu Family Speaks Out on Kenneth’s Shooting

Family, friends, first of all my heart and prayers are with you when we all endure through this very difficult time. I’d like retaliate against the negative social media conversations regarding the Shooting that led to the death of the late Kenneth Akena and we wish to clarify that what has been posted lacks substantiated […]

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