Bebe Cool painfully speaks about disunity and hatred in Uganda music industry

After losing the mama awards last in south Africa, the African reggae star big size Bebe Cool thanked his fans and later expressed how Ugandans need to United like other countries in West Africa. Here is what he posted on his official Facebook page. ` It’s a pity 19 years in the Uganda music industry,building […]

How To Tell When an African Woman Just Had Se’x

LADIES: Did you know that just by walking down the street, or across the office, people may be able to figure out that you’ve gotten la’id? Because having a vag’inal org’asm does more than just put a little pep in your step. It actually causes you to walk differently, with a longer stride and a […]

MC Kats is the man behind wife Fillie career success – Bad Black reveals

Earlier on today through a phone call interview, artiste and city socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka ‘Bad Black’ commented on the trending family saga of City Mcee ‘Mc Kats’ and wife ‘Fillie Mutoni.’ Apparently, Bad Black reveals that Kats has been so supportive to his wife (Fillie) from day one in and outside home and it […]

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