Things You Should Never Say During A Job Interview

Interviewing for a new job is hard – no one can deny that, especially in Uganda. Not only do you to force yourself into business attire or some other grown-up garb you promised yourself you’d never wear, but you have to be on your best behavior and really sellyourself. It’s torture – especially since you […]

“After Sleeping With Our Maid, I Saw My Dad’s Pants Under Maid’s Bed, should i tell MUM about DAD’s affair with our maid?” – Son Cries

I’m a 18-year-old guy who is still doing my diploma at one of the colleges in town. A lot of my friends always talk about their s*xual encounters with their girlfriends, and that forced me to be eager to know how nice s*x is. Since I had been so close to our maid, we started […]

The evolution of Kampala Rapists

section of rapists in Kampala have come up explain how they came in to existence 1. You pass by a Nakasero, she says fruits are healthy (Actually highly recommended!) – 10,000/= 2. You pass by a Nandos, Pizza is her “best dish”; as if!!!!!!!! You swallow and spend 30,0­00/= 3. You reach at Fang Fang, she wants Chinese tea; it’s good […]

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